Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jadi Tetamu Al-Jazeera - Isu Kalimah Allah

Teman2 Facebook dan pengunjung blog yang dimuliakan,
Sekadar ingin berkongsi makluman bahawa pagi tadi saya telah dijemput oleh AlJazeera (Channel 503) sebagai salah seorang tetamu dalam rakaman program 101 East berkenaan Isu Kalimah Allah. Dua tetamu lain adalah DP Marina Mahathir dan YB Khalid Samad daripada PAS.
Programnya hanya 30 minit dan ruang untuk kami hanya kurang daripada 20 minit setelah ditolak segmen2 lain. Bayangkanlah nak bincang topik sebegitu dalam ruang yang sebegitu kecil tapi itulah tabiat TV dan banyak media massa yang lain... (lesson : not the best place to search for the truth!)
Komen ringkas saya di sini :
DP Marina selalu kata as 'Confident Muslims' kita tak perlu takut yang akan terpengaruh dengan mudah dengan penggunaan kalimah Allah ini.
Saya kata :
1. The use of this term is not a first time and not the last effort of its kind. It is part of a bigger agenda of undermining and eroding the position of Islam in Malaysia. It is the most recent episode in an ongoing series of attempts to use the courts to challenge Islam in Malaysia.
2. Kalau nak harap dengan confident sahaja, semua fahaman dan bacaan yang tak betul yang ada kat luar sana pun confident. Being confident does not mean that you are actually right on a particular matter. And on matters of faith, a person can still be confidently living his or her life without realising that his/her faith is being eroded or misguided. When dealing with something non-physical as faith you do not necessarily feel that something is wrong with you. It's certainly not like a throbbing headache. But those who have the know - intellectually and spiritually - will be able to clearly recoqnise a sickness of faith and religious understanding when they see it.
When I said on the show that one can be confident but still be wrong, Marina interjected saying, "like you!" Well, my confidence on this issue is based on my reliance on so many reliable scholars including the Fatwa of the National Fatwa council of Mei 2008. When it comes to faith and religion I would rather put my bet on the majority of the qualified and reliable scholars of the Ummah than fringe voices.
As for YB Khalid Samad, I am just very sad that PAS, especially in this issue, due to the role of the likes of him is currently dancing to the tune of the extreme liberals and those whose 'religion' is Human Rights. I hope and pray that PAS recovers from this and finds back its footing.
These are the details of the program :
The show is for 101 East and will be first broadcast at 8.30pm tomorrow and repeated 11 times over 7 days. It will be shown on Astro's channel 513.
The show will be up on Youtube fromFriday. Linknya :
The broadcast times are:
Jan 14 -Thursday - 8.30pm
Jan 15 - Friday - 11am
Jan 16 - Saturday - 1.30pm
Jan 17 Sunday - 1.30am, 11.30am, 7.30pm
jan 18 Monday - none
Jan 19 Tuesday - 12.30am, 10.30pm
Jan 20 Wednesday- 4.30pm
Jan 21 Thursday - 2.30pm
May Allah SWT accept our humble efforts to uphold His message and forgive us our shortcomings.
p.s. Di UIA bahasa di atas di gelar "Campurisation" !! Mohon maaf bagi yang tak selesa...